Toys For Tot's

  • Friday, December 12, 2014
  • Central Valley Jeep, 4460 McHenry, Modesto CA


Toys 4 Tots :  Kat Country 103 / U.S. Marines 


Please join 4x4 in Motion and the Joaquin Jeepers for their annual Toys for Tots Run.  Bring a bike or toys, decorate your rig with lights and turn them on for the toy delivery.

You don't have to be members to participate. 


Please, follow the club guidelines when it comes to lining up and being there on time.  be a safe driver and have fun. 


Friday December 12th..

Start 4:30pm / 5pm til 9pm-ish , usually we go eat pizza after this event.. 

We will be staging at the Central Valley Chrysler Jeep Dealership :


4460 McHenry Ave..    Corner of Bangs Ave. / McHenry Ave..

Go down Bangs Ave. behind Jeep dealer.. 


This is a REALLY GREAT event.. Lots of fun..

I encourage everyone to do this at least once.. I guarantee you'll be happy you did.. 


Tune in to Kat Country 103.3 throughout the day.. You will here them talking about Us and anticipating Our arrival..   

This is the typical run down :  


We all meet at the Jeep dealer.. Some people will already have their Rigs decorated.. Others will show up and decorate at the staging area..


Everyone needs to be ready to leave the staging area by 5:40pm-ish..  


Once we are given the signal.. We will all form 2 single file rows with the Rigs..


We will then wait for Our Traffic Director (Steve Allen) to give us the go ahead..

We then make Our way down McHenry Ave. all Lit Up in route to Walmart.. 


We will circle around the back side of Walmart and make Our way to the front doors.. 


As we approach the doors to Walmart the Marines will start coming over to Us to help unload the bicycles and toys.. 


You will then pull out of the parking lot and park on the side street to wait for everyone to make it through the line.. 

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