Valley Children's Hospital Toy Run - EVERYONE can participate!

  • Saturday, December 02, 2017
  • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • TBA

This event is a "Group Club" run where many of the Valley clubs partake.  We will start in Modesto and pick up groups of rigs along the way to Madera.  This years plan includes drive by "pick-ups", meaning that groups will feather into the caravan as they pass specific locations.

This event is open to the public, no need to be a member.  Be safe and thoughtful and make sure your rig is street legal/Registered/Insured.

More details will emerge as the date gets closer.

People are encouraged to bring gifts for kids of all ages (2yrs-20yr), boys and girls.  Gift cards to Target, gas stations, food, etc...are also needed for the family's that are staying with their child.  These things will help keep their travel expenses down while their child is in the hospital.

Chris Beecroft is in charge of this run and he will get the info. out there.  Please see out FB page as well.


8:00 AM Burger King on Hatch (Modesto people meet here)

8:15 Turlock Rest Stop heading SOUTH (Turlock people meet here)


Infants and Toddlers ( 0-36 months )

Rattles ( Sassy , First Step )
Musical/Interactive Toys ( Fisher-Price Playskool , V-tech )
Stacking toys
Cloth Body Baby Dolls
Cardboard Books
Large trucks or cars
Wooden Puzzles ( 4-10 pieces with knobs )
Push or Pull Toys

Pre-School Toys ( 3-5 years old )

Dolls and clothes & accessories
Trucks & Car ( Hot Wheels or larger )
Simple Games ( Candy Land , Chutes & Ladders , Memory )
Duplo ( Big Legos )
Play Doh
Play Sets ( farm animals , dinosaurs , housekeeping , doctor)
Action Figures
Crayons ( 8-24 packs , large & regular sizes )
Coloring Books and Sticker Books
Water Paints & Books

School Age ( 6-12 years old )

Hot Wheel sets
Pet Shop/Pocket sets
Board Games
Puzzles (100+ pieces )
Sports Equipment ( Nerf balls , football , basketball )
Crayons ( 8 -24 piece packs )
Color Pencils & Markers
Coloring Books
Models plane or car kits
Paint By Number Kit
Games ( Bop It & Spot It )

Teen (13-20 year olds )

Models plane or car kits ( with paint & glue )
Bath & Body Items ( nails polish , lip gloss , lotions , bubble
bath )
Hair Accessories
Puzzles ( 500+ pieces )
Gift Cards ( Tilleys , Target , Old Navy , Ulta , Sephora )
T-shirts or Sweet Shirts
Pajama bottoms
Drawing Pads/Detailed coloring sheets
Color Pencils
Charcoal Pencils
Activity Books ( crossword puzzles , word searches ,
MadLids )
Stationary and Journals
Remote Control cars , helicopters , etc.

Xbox Games
Ear Phones ( the inexpensive one in bulk )
Games ( board games & card games for all ages )
Craft Sets ( for all ages & abilities )
Books ( board books , picture books , chapter books ,
current novels - for all ages )
Clothing ( underwear , gym shorts , PJ bottoms and T-shirts
- all sizes )

Valley Children's Hospital cares for children of all ages , from new borns thru adolescents. They continue to treat some children until they are 20 years old.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful.

Wishing you folks a Happy Time shopping & looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday December 2.

This List above is just a suggestion list to help you buy stuff if you're not sure what to get.. You can buy other types of toys as well..

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