Kat Country/Marine Corps. Toy Run (Modesto)

  • Friday, December 08, 2017
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Modesto WalMart - Plaza Parkway

~This Event Is On A Friday Evening~

                                       Friday December 8th

This Toys 4 Tots Run will be for Kat Country 103 and The Marines..

It will take place at the Modesto Walmart on Plaza Parkway.. 

This event is open to the public, no need to be a member.  Be safe and thoughtful and make sure your rig is street legal/Registered/Insured.

This is how it all goes down -

Most people decorate Their Rigs with Christmas Lights and what not.. 

You power the lights with a power inverter..

LED lights work the best.. They don't draw as much power so you can get away with running a small / cheaper power inverter..

You don't have to decorate if you don't want to or can't.. But we do hope you do.. Everyone looks forward to it..

Then we hang the bikes off the back or front of the Rigs to get them over to the event..

We will be Staging for this event in the Alleyway behind the Autozone on Prescott Rd.. Which is right around the corner from the Walmart..    

            Staging Time -                                        Start Time -

             5pm to 6pm                             We need to be ready to roll

       But no later 6:15ish..                                  at 6:30pm.. 

              Autozone                                                Walmart 

       1901 Prescott Rd.                               2225 Plaza Parkway

               Modesto                                                Modesto

The Club donated $500 to buy as many bikes as possible with that money..

If you are able to buy additional bikes , helmets , or toys please do so..    

This is a Great Event.. You will Enjoy it.. 


After the Run is over we usually All head over and have Pizza.. 

Possibly Incredible John's Pizza since it's in the same parking lot...  

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